What is the difference between following commands:

start %comspec% /c script.cmd
start cmd /C script.cmd

I need that cmd window for script.cmd should close automatically when script.cmd is finished.

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%comspec% just points to cmd.exe, so both commands will do the same thing. Other than that /C is correct, this will close the command prompt after execution

  • btw: if you wand to run second.cmd and script.cmd the second line wont work. it will just pass "script.cmd" as a parameter to second.cmd
    – Alex
    Nov 14, 2011 at 12:11

The difference is that "%comspec%" should expand to the default command interpreter, whereas "cmd" searches for a cmd executable and invokes it. Most of the time they are the same.

But in case there is a cmd executable (cmd.exe, cmd.bat, etc) in the current directory, than that cmd executable will be invoked.

I would go with using %comspec%


For a not admin user on WindowsXP-SP2.

  • %comspec% starts in %WINDIR%\System32.
  • 'cmd' starts in user's home e.g. C:\Document And Settings\USER1.
  • Not completly true. %comspec% is defined with an absolute path to cmd.exe, cmd simply search in all parts of the path variable and in your case you have a cmd.exe also in C:\Document And Settings\USER1 but this shouldn't be the standard
    – jeb
    Jan 30, 2015 at 7:52

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