I have a table (SQL Sever) which references paths (UNC or otherwise), but now the path is going to change.

In the path column, I have many records and I need to change just a portion of the path, but not the entire path. And I need to change the same string to the new one, in every record.

How can I do this with a simple update?

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It's this easy:

update my_table
set path = replace(path, 'oldstring', 'newstring')
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    I'd typically add where path like '%oldstring%' if there was a lot of data. Nov 2, 2015 at 20:48
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    where condition make sense because if I have 50 rows in table and if I am replacing 10 rows with replace function it affects all 50 rows, even though it replaces 10 rows if you dont have where condition. But if you have where condition like mentioned in above comment it only affects 10 rows.
    – iMalek
    Oct 2, 2017 at 18:52
UPDATE [table]
SET [column] = REPLACE([column], '/foo/', '/bar/')
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    sorry, not to be nitpicky after ten years but it's unclear from the answer if foo is being replaced or bar (sorry again) Mar 22, 2020 at 19:46

I tried the above but it did not yield the correct result. The following one does:

update table
set path = replace(path, 'oldstring', 'newstring') where path = 'oldstring'
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    This totally defeats the purpose of using the replace method. You can accomplish the same thing like this: update table set path='newstring' where path='oldstring';
    – Ian
    Mar 29, 2016 at 15:59
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    perhaps you meant where path like '%oldstring%'?
    – v010dya
    Jun 21, 2016 at 12:32
UPDATE CustomReports_Ta
SET vchFilter = REPLACE(CAST(vchFilter AS nvarchar(max)), '\\Ingl-report\Templates', 'C:\Customer_Templates')
where CAST(vchFilter AS nvarchar(max)) LIKE '%\\Ingl-report\Templates%'

Without the CAST function I got an error

Argument data type ntext is invalid for argument 1 of replace function.


You can use this query

update table_name set column_name = replace (column_name , 'oldstring' ,'newstring') where column_name like 'oldstring%'

all answers are great but I just want to give you a good example

select replace('this value from table', 'table',  'table but updated')

this SQL statement will replace the existence of the word "table" (second parameter) inside the given statement(first parameter) with the third parameter

the initial value is this value from table but after executing replace function it will be this value from table but updated

and here is a real example

UPDATE publication
SET doi = replace(doi, '10.7440/perifrasis', '10.25025/perifrasis')
WHERE doi like '10.7440/perifrasis%'

for example if we have this value


it will become


hope this gives you better visualization


you need to replace path with the help of replace function.

update table_name set column_name = replace(column_name, 'oldstring', 'newstring')

here column_name refers to that column which you want to change.

Hope it will work.

select replace(ImagePath, '~/', '../') as NewImagePath from tblMyTable 

where "ImagePath" is my column Name.
"NewImagePath" is temporery column Name insted of "ImagePath"
"~/" is my current string.(old string)
"../" is my requried string.(new string)
"tblMyTable" is my table in database.


If target column type is other than varchar/nvarchar like text, we need to cast the column value as string and then convert it as:

update URL_TABLE
set Parameters = REPLACE ( cast(Parameters as varchar(max)), 'india', 'bharat')
where URL_ID='150721_013359670'

You also can replace large text for email template at run time, here is an simple example for that.

SET @xml = CAST((SELECT [column] AS 'td','',        
        ,[StartDate] AS 'td'
         FROM [table] 
select REPLACE((EmailTemplate), '[@xml]', @xml) as Newtemplate 
FROM [dbo].[template] where id = 1

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