I have an enum which I want to get from the web.config at run-time. I started reading about build providers, but this seems to work for classes. Can someone point me to an example, or at least point me in the right direction.

Right now I have a comma separated list of values in the web.config, and this is not type-safe and is prone to errors.

If there is another approach to get this type of "dynamic-enum", I'm open to other ideas.

Thank you!


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You can use ConfigurationManager and convert value to enum:

    <add key="YourEnum" value="BlueSky" />  
string configValue = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["YourEnum"];
YourEnumType value = (YourEnumType)Enum.Parse(typeof(YourEnumType), configValue); 

If I were you then I would design my own Enum class. That way you'll either be able to serialize it into XML or build it at runtime. It'll also ensure that you still have type safety.

Typically the data will be stored either in a dictionary type or key/value pair list within the class. Then you can store a list of values in the config file (have a look at how to read List data)

Have a look here in order to get some ideas.


Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration will deserialse enums stored in strings in JSON, which I find a great way to solve this problem.

As an example:

public enum Format
    UNKNOWN = 0,

public class ImageOptions
    /* List of supported file types */
    public List<Format> SupportedFileTypes { get; set; }
/* Options config dict */
public static Dictionary<string, string> DefaultImageServiceConfigDict = new Dictionary<string, string>
    /* Image Options NOTE: Enums stored as strings!! */
    {"ImageServiceOptions:SupportedFileTypes:0", "png"},
    {"ImageServiceOptions:SupportedFileTypes:1", "jpeg"},

/* Read options */
var builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();
configuration = builder.Build();

/* Parses config, including enum deserialisation by name */
imageConfig = config.GetSection(nameof(ImageOptions)).TryGet<ImageServiceOptions();

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