So I want to do something like this sql code below:

from stuff s
group by having count(where city and name are identical) > 1

To produce the following, (but ignore where only name or only city match, it has to be on both columns):

id      name  city   
904834  jim   London  
904835  jim   London  
90145   Fred  Paris   
90132   Fred  Paris
90133   Fred  Paris
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Duplicated id for pairs name and city:

select, t.* 
from [stuff] s
join (
    select name, city, count(*) as qty
    from [stuff]
    group by name, city
    having count(*) > 1
) t on = and =
  • Note that if either name or city contain null, then they will fail to be reported in the outer query, but will be matched in the inner query. – Adam Parkin Jan 13 '15 at 23:52
  • If the values can possibly contain null then (unless I'm missing something) you need to change it to a CROSS JOIN (full Cartesian product) and then add a WHERE clause such as: WHERE (( = OR ( is null and is null)) AND (( = OR ( is null and is null)) – Adam Parkin Jan 14 '15 at 16:03
 SELECT name, city, count(*) as qty 
 FROM stuff 
 GROUP BY name, city HAVING count(*)> 1

Something like this will do the trick. Don't know about performance, so do make some tests.

  id, name, city
  [stuff] s
1 < (select count(*) from [stuff] i where = and =

You have to self join stuff and match name and city. Then group by count.

from stuff s join stuff p ON ( = OR =
group by having count( > 1
  • Fails in SQL Server: all non-aggregate columns must be in the GROUP BY – gbn Nov 16 '11 at 9:30

Given a staging table with 70 columns and only 4 representing duplicates, this code will return the offending columns:

FROM Staging.dbo.Stage S


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