I'm currently migrating a legacy JSF 1.2 application using RichFaces 3.3 to JSF 2.0 and RichFaces 4.

However, inclusion of the jQuery library bundled with RichFaces does no longer work by including <a4j:loadScript src="resource://jquery.js"/>, as the <a4j:loadScript> component has been removed from RichFaces version 4.

The RF 3.3 to 4 migration guide does not state how to include the bundled scripts otherwise. I've seen suggestions to use <h:outputScript name="jquery.js" target="head" />, but this produces no output whatever in the rendered page.

Has anyone got a solution to load those bundled scripts? Thanks in advance!

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To get <h:outputScript target="head"> to work, you need to have a <h:head> instead of a <head> in the master template.

Unrelated to the concrete problem, RichFaces 4 already ships with bundled jQuery. You do not necessarily need to load one yourself.

  • Thanks for the hint, you pushed me in the right direction. The underlying problem was caused by PrettyFaces messing with the resource URLs for some reason, though. :)
    – AdrianoKF
    Commented Nov 18, 2011 at 14:59

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