I need to select some entities using HQL filtering by time. But I need to compare only date component without time. For example 1.1.2011 12.00 and 1.1.2011 13.20 must be equal.

What operator can I use?

@Query("FROM Item item " +
  "WHERE item.date [equality by date operator] :date " )
List<Item> findByDate(@Param("date") Date date);

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If you do not mind DB-specific functions, you'd be able to do this (using Oracle as an example).

@Query("FROM Item item WHERE trunc(item.date) = trunc(:date) " )
List<Item> findByDate(@Param("date") Date date);

You can use this because the OracleDialect registers trunc as a StandardSQLFunction and Oracle's TRUNC removes the time component of a date.

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    In Oracle to avoid errors you can call trunc(item.date,'YYYY') to avoid some errors. Nov 10, 2015 at 18:54

If you do mind the DB-specific functions (and you should) then work with 2 dates:

  1. from date = date with time set to midnight
  2. to date = date with time set to 23:59:59.999

then query for dates >= from date and <= to date

  • I am using oracle db and its better for me to use trunc. Tnx for our answer
    – hatesms
    Nov 17, 2011 at 12:33
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    Fine but if you want to unit test with an in-memory DB where this is not supported you will be stuck. Nov 17, 2011 at 12:35
"Select col from Table t where t.date = CURRENT_DATE()"

try this .

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