Team Foundation Server 2010 is installed in a server which is member of a domain.

Both domain controller and member are Windows Server 2008.

Today, the Windows Server where Team Foundation Server is installed in prompted to change domain controller's built-in administrator account because this user has password expiration (too bad) following domain policy.

Since this moment, I've Team Foundation 2010 broken.

I'm getting TF30063 unauthorized access errors in the client-side, and team members can't checkout files, I can't drop or add team members and other things.

I've tried these solutions so far:

  • Setting domain controller's administrator account again from TFS Administration Console.
  • Turn back password to the original one, and setting again it in TFS Administration Console.
  • Setting new password on IIS Application Pools.
  • Setting old password on IIS Application Pools and in TFS Administration Console.
  • Reparing TFS 2010 using its setup and reboot.
  • Reboot IIS.
  • ...

How can I solve this situation? For now, I've disabled password expiration for this administrator account so this isn't going to happen in the future, but I need to get TFS 2010 working again.

Thank for your effort.


There are two points where the password of the TFS user has to be changed:

  1. The password of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server Application Pool in the IIS Manager
  2. The password of the TFS Applications. This has to be changed via the Team Foundation Server Administration Console. The password has to be entered as well in Application Tier Summary as in Reporting Services Summary.
  • Thank you the info, but you may notice your solutions are included in my own question, these have been tried already. In the other hand, I don't have Reporting Services, I'm only using TFS for task management and source control. I've tried to change TFS service account password using the command-line utility too. No way, thank you again. – Matías Fidemraizer Nov 18 '11 at 8:57

Finally I've solved this backing up TFS's databases and reinstalling TFS 2010 from scratch.

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