Here's my little problem:

I've this code http://jsfiddle.net/marcelo066/d7ehQ/light/ which I changed from BrianGlaz's original http://jsfiddle.net/B7bgN/10/ .It clones some part from a form. My question is: how can I get this cloned values using php to store it in a mysql database? Just for enlightenment, the code from my fiddle is a part from a bigger form, which is working. So i add this clone part, and I don't know how to get the cloned values from $_POST. Any ideas?

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Name your form fields as array elements:

<select name="dormitorios_name[0]"... >

And for the clones make it respectively

<select name="dormitorios_name[1]"... >
<select name="dormitorios_name[2]"... >

Thus in you php code you can check for

$i = 0;
do {
    // save values
} while (isset( $_POST['dormitorios_name'][$i])

Use arrays on elements attributes names.

Alter the names of the elements so that instead of name="myname" and name="myname2", name="mayname3" you have name="myname[0]" and name="myname[1]", name="myname[2]".

So that in the $_POST array you will have $_POST['myname'] as an array will al original and cloned values and not $_POST['myname'],$_POST['myname2'],$_POST['myname3'].

Depending on the way you want to hanlde that you could also have original elements with names like name="form[0][myname]" and the others like name="form[1][myname]", etc. At the end the original elements values are on $_POST['form'][0] and the others in $_POST['form'][1], $_POST['form'][2], etc.

I've made a fiddle here http://jsfiddle.net/regilero/6kd2L/1/ http://jsfiddle.net/regilero/6kd2L/1/

Where basically, appart from altering the way names are handled in the HTML part I 've altered

$(elem).attr('id', $(elem).attr('id') + newNum).attr('name', $(elem).attr('name')+ newNum);


    var $elem = $(elem);
    $elem.attr('id', $elem.attr('id') + newNum);
    var ename = $elem.attr('name');
    if (ename) {

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