I am doing a project in news classification. Basically the system will classifying news articles based on the pre-defined topic (e.g. sports, politic, international). To build the system, I need free data sets for training the system.

So far, after few hours googling and links from here the only suitable data sets I could find is this. While this will hopefully enough, I think I will try to find more.

Note that the data sets I want:

  1. Contains full news articles, not just title
  2. Is in English
  3. In .txt format,not XML or db

Can anybody help me?

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Have you tried to use Reuters21578? It is the most common dataset for text classification. It is formated in SGML, but it is quite simple to parse and transform to a txt format.

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You can build it, you can write a Python/Perl/PHP script where you run a search, then when you find the answers you can isolate the attributes with regex... I think is the best option. Is not easy but should be fun, finally you can share this dataset with us.

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    Yeah, I am trying to find dataset because I will be busy with the project so I try to reduce things to do. Furthermore, I do not know how to write a script in Python/Perl/PHP. – Hearty Nov 22 '11 at 3:01

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