I am using the latest version of XAMPP with XAMPP control panel v2.5 (9 May 2007). I want to access the command line to run php -q htdocs\path\to\file.php.

Problem: On my XAMPP control panel, I do not see the Shell button that will bring up the command line interface. How can I access the shell, or is there another way to run the PHP file?

My XAMPP Control Panel

enter image description here

What I am finding: enter image description here

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    Why don't you open the console, change the directory to C:\xampp\php and execute php.exe? – ComFreek Nov 18 '11 at 17:46

If you have php.exe's directory in your PATH environment variable, you can simply open a command line window (Start > Run > cmd), go in your PHP script directory and launch it with php yourscript.php.


If You need to access XAMPP shell to run i.e pear command You need to go to XAMPP installation directory and run xampp-control-3-beta.exe (XAMPP version 1.7.7). After clicking xampp shell button it prompt pops up asking if You want to create shell.bat say Yes and You are good to go.

  • Why not simply use c:\xampp\php\php.exe? – Pacerier Oct 14 '14 at 6:12

In my windows box, xampp shell is just a instance of cmd.exe running a batch file

enter image description here

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