I would like a program that can read and write the filesystem of a non-jailbroken phone. Obviously, one wouldn't be able to read and write everything, but all of the app folders should be visible.

Phoneview and TouchCopy are kind of the UR-examples, plus a number of other pay apps out there, but I don't want such a massively full-featured program. I just want to be able to update files on the pad and phone when they sync to the computer, so that I can set up jobs the way I want and so on. As a bonus I could then sync otherwise unsynched data between the two using the PC as intermediary, as well. The functionality must exist, by interfacing with the driver, since other software can do it. It must be something run on PC, not on the device, but any language is fine, including Objective C.

Editing iTunes backup files is not a substitute, because editing and restoring those takes longer than retyping data manually in many cases.

  • Which desktop platform would this be targeted at? Mac, Windows, or Linux? Access to the device via the USB connection will differ depending on the desktop OS. – Brad Larson Nov 23 '11 at 19:02
  • PC if possible. I do have an old Macbook too, if that's the only way. – SilverbackNet Nov 26 '11 at 0:26

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