I am using PHPmailer to send mails. However, the mail is being sent to each user twice. Below is the screen-shot of a test mail. enter image description here

The following is my code :


function send_mail_to($receiver, $msg)
    $subject="[ TNP Update ] - Do you like the new look ?";
    #Grab the PHPmailer class

    #Create object
    $mailer = new PHPmailer(); //Instantiate class
    $mailer->FromName="TNP Mailer";
    $mailer->Subject = $subject;
    $mailer->Body = $msg;
    #Send the email

} //End of send_mail_to()

    ###### THE WORKING CODE ######

#Only authorised access is allowed.

    # Formatting the message a little
    $msg1=str_replace("<td","<td style='font-family:Trebuchet MS,Verdana,arial'; ",$msg1);

    #Start sending mails. Some lines commented for testing purpose
    //$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM subscribers");

            $body="Some text";
                send_mail_to($subscriber['email'], $body); 

        }    #End-of-if
    //}   #End-of-while

} ##End of if
  • Maybe a look at the mailheaders give you a clue. – Corubba Dec 31 '11 at 15:56
  • In gmail, click the little down arrow by "me, me" - make sure one of them isn't a CC or BCC? – Shackrock Dec 31 '11 at 18:01
  • anybody find the solution? please post it? – saravankg Jun 28 '15 at 7:46

May be there is a page refresh and hence multiple execution - Make sure the mail method is called only once by the browser for each reciever. To make sure, you could set a session variable upon sending and go into the send part only if session is not set.

       $_SESSION[$reciever] = 1;
       \\mail code here
        echo "doing it more than once";

Also you can set $mailer->$SingleTo to true, so you would know if its multiple execution or single. You could also send the timestamp with the email for more debugging.

I had the same problem but using the SMTP connection. I still don't know why but it happens when your recipient doesn't have a name. So, instead of



$mailer->AddAddress($receiver, 'Receiver name');

I hope it helps.

  • I'm pretty sure this isn't the solution. I have the same problem using $receipt->AddCC($params['email'], "$first_name $last_name"); – doub1ejack Dec 6 '12 at 21:18

I was experiencing the same problem. In my case changing mail systems did the trick.

By default, phpMailer sends out email using Mail. Once I told it to use Sendmail instead, I stopped getting the duplicate address.

$email = new phpmailer;
$email->mailer = "sendmail";

I had the same problem, for me solution was to change



$mailer->Mailer   = 'smtp'; 

So, try to use $mailer->Mailer.

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