I have a custom UIView class. Inside that view, there is an image view. (I'm making a UISlider from scratch).

I am trying to get the image view -- the thumb of the slider -- to move across the view. Below is the code from the UIView class

- (BOOL)continueTrackingWithTouch:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {

    CGPoint touchPoint = [touch locationInView:self];

    if ( CGRectContainsPoint(self.thumb.frame, touchPoint))

        self.thumb.center = CGPointMake(touchPoint.x, self.thumb.center.y);

    return YES;


When I place my finger on the thumb of the slider and try to drag it, nothing happens. However, when I touch outside the thumb of the slider, drag my finger to the thumb without letting go, and then try dragging the thumb, it works fine.

How can I modify my code so that the method will be called when someone holds the thumb and tries to drag it?


My guess is that you have user interaction enabled on your image view, which is in turn not relaying the touch events to the backing logic view. Do something like this:

self.thumb.userInteractionEnabled = NO

Put that in whatever init method you are using and the thumb view will not interrupt the touch events anymore.

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