I have generated a service call to a service called ServiceName.getService() - I can successfully pull data displayed inside mxml layout elements, but, instead of displaying it, I just want to assign it to a global.

I always get an error on the second line below - apparently the value has not been fetched yet. I have also tried adding a listener, and setting the global value on COMPLETE, but that is apparently never called. (I am guessing this generated service call stuff does not actually trigger a COMPLETE?)

Short question is: how do you simply assign a variable after you have loaded it via a service data call. (Not just HTTP)

GlobalVars.variablename = getServiceResult.lastResult.variablename;

I always get an error on the second line below - apparently the value has not been fetched yet.

That is correct. In Flex / Flash the remote server calls asynchronous. That means your second line--to set the value--is potentially running before the service call has executed.

You should set up a result handler on the service call. This is most likely the same thing you did when you got things to work for display.

Like this:


And elsewhere in your code:

protected function myServiceResult(event:ResultEvent):void{
 GlobalVars.variablename = event.results.variablename;

When you talk about adding a listener on complete, I'm not sure what you refer to. Do you mean creationComplete? or updatecomplete? Or applicationComplete? Or something else altogether.

  • yes, ResultEvent.RESULT was what I was looking for - ResultEvent.COMPLETE was not triggering – ina Nov 21 '11 at 0:19

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