What is the roadmap for ASP.NET MVC? I would like to understand which versions I should be running and when.

I tried Scott Guthrie's website but had trouble finding mention of anything later than MIX.


Did you see this roadmap? It's the latest I could find.

In any case, lookup the MVC Futures project (download here), in which you can find newer stuff that didn't make it into the first release, but may make it into the future releases.

  • wow. looking at that page I feel kind of embarrased that I got upvoted. Its a new era... – MikeJ May 4 '09 at 14:52

I do not believe their currently is a road map for MVC. In fact I dont think MS puts out any forward looking material for its dev tools and frameworks. Since MVC just shipped as 1.0 we know that it will be supported into the future but for how long is unknown.

There isnt even a lot known about asp.net 4 which is supposed to ship with VS2010 next year.

  • Thanks Mike. Hmm... it looks like MVC 1.0 for the near future. – Thomas Bratt May 4 '09 at 14:21

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