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I got a string value that actually get from directoryInfo. What i wanted to accomplish is to convert the string value to a date value for making comparison.

The folder name is sample like this C:\FOLD\20111120 and properly another folder path is like this C:\FOLD\20111021

20111120 is actually a date format. I am trying to convert it into date format to made some comparison decide to deleting the whole directory or not.

I think i shall paste my code here

DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(_FolderPath);

foreach (DirectoryInfo f in dir.GetDirectories())
     String folderName = f.ToString();
     DateTime ConDt = Convert.ToDateTime(folderName);

I tried with Convert.toDatetime() and i get error that unable to made the converstion.How can i do so with this?

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You should have to use DateTime.TryParseExact.

var newDate = DateTime.ParseExact("20111120", 


string str = "20111021";
string[] format = {"yyyyMMdd"};
DateTime date;

if (DateTime.TryParseExact(str, 
                           out date))

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