Is it possible to enable code completion for wxWidgets in Eclipse IDE? It works for c++ classes, boost libraries.


It should be possible if you configure include paths in Eclipse Indexer. From Setup Guide:

In the Eclipse main menu

  • select "Project" -> "Properties"
  • navigate to "C/C++ General" -> "Paths and Symbols" -> (on the right) "Includes"

In the "Languages" box on the left

  • select GNU C++ (you might want to do the same for GNU C, though it doesn't seem to be necessary as wxWidgets is written in C++)
  • now select "Add..." on the right side of the "Include directories" box

In the "Add directory path" window that pops up,

  • enter C:\mingw\include\wx- as "Directory"
  • check "Add to all configurations" (this refers to Build, Release, etc...)
  • select "OK"
  • navigate to "C/C++ General" -> Indexer

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