Oh my word. I struggle with the actual codeing of my website, and now something sooooo stupid has to happen.... In dreamweaver.. i think i pressed the wrong button or something, and now i cant fix it.. You know on the right hand side (usually) there is a window where you can set the properties of lets say a textbox. Like its name, its contents, its id etc. That box has dissapeared... Now theres only some random boxes of properties i have NOOOO idea what for... Can any one tell me how i can get that back please? The default ones back? (like a reset settings button somewhere? Thank you! Ruan.

  • Guess no one knows. Oh well, cant know everything i guess – mrbunyrabit Nov 22 '11 at 23:08

Go to the Window menu and select Properties to get it back. Alternately, Control-F3.

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