I would like to know how to use the Manhattan Distance heuristic to drive my search in NxN 2d array. I have the following manhattan distance:

private int manhattan(int[] pos, int tile) {
        int[] dest = new int[] {
            (tile - 1) % BOARDSIZE, (tile - 1) / BOARDSIZE
        return Math.abs(dest[0] - pos[0]) + Math.abs(dest[1] - pos[1]);

I will be moving tiles to the empty tile to LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN. How do I use the above function to select neighbours of a node in order to add to a queue? Do Ii have to put it in a double for loop or? I am using f = g+h

I am a beginner in puzzles so am struggling a little bit to understand. I need help.


I can see you've rewritten your earlier question. The question you pose is explored in detail in Russell and Norvig's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Read the 3rd chapter. Check out their website at http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/. They even have code for A* there, with a link to a demo of the 8 puzzle.

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