I want to set the contents of an iframe dynamically, when no pages were loaded before in the iframe.

I'm doing that :

iframe = $('<iframe id="thepage"></iframe>');

iframeHtml = 'iframeHtml';


But it is not working, the html is still empty.

  • what is your console telling you? – Jan Dragsbaek Nov 22 '11 at 11:53
  • nothing, it seems to work :) ([Document about:blank] from firebug) – Leto Nov 22 '11 at 11:57

the best way to populate frame contents is document.write

var dstFrame = document.getElementById('yourFrameId');
var dstDoc = dstFrame.contentDocument || dstFrame.contentWindow.document;

UPD: that is

var iFrame = $('<iframe id="thepage"></iframe>');

var iFrameDoc = iFrame[0].contentDocument || iFrame[0].contentWindow.document;
iFrameDoc.write('<p>Some useful html</p>');

If you want to avoid using document.write, which is generally not recommended any longer, you can get at the frame contents to add the content:

iframe = $('<iframe id="thepage"></iframe>')
iframeHtml = 'iframeHtml'
iframe = $('<iframe id="thepage"></iframe>');

iframeHtml = 'iframeHtml'; $('body').append(iframe);

iframe .contents() .html(iframeHtml);

the reason it does not work is because contents() returns a document object and html() only works on HTMLElemnt objects, html() is basically a wrapper around innerHTML property and document does not have such property.


Using JQuery, you can edit the iframe's attribute srcdoc by passing it the html as string:

$('#iframe_id').attr("srcdoc", htmlString);
  • This is pretty good, though it wouldn't load any script tags inside. – Adambean Mar 1 at 14:26

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