I have a reasonably simple a reasonably system that are conceptually 100,000's of small/simple JSON documents. I want to switch from mysql to a distributed system for redundancy and backup purposes.

Its currently written in java. What will be the simplest/easiest nosql solution to install and use? i.e. I want something I can just install on a few servers, point to each other, and start using.

I don't want to spend hours learning, tweaking and configuring stuff. (If its going to be too large a project I may as well just write some java code that synchronizes the relevant tables)


mongoDB is easy to install and start to use document database for me.

It is easy to make it work with java and it has a nice mapper from java objects to mongo called morphia.

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If you can tolerate hosting your data on Google's AppEngine, Ubud-db can be something for you: https://bitbucket.org/f94os/ubud-db/wiki

Ubud-db is a document store on AppEngine with a REST-JSON API. Spring/Jackson maps from JSON to a Map, and then Ubud's service maps from the Map to Entity, persisted by the Datastore.

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How can I ask this question if you've already asked it!?

I'll add BaseX to the list -- it handles JSON fine. Has a nice GUI, or you can just use a console through bash et. al.

Geared towards XML with XQuery and Xpath, but has JSON modules.

I'm only looking at alternatives because I'm not quite sure how to use some of the features...but that's on me, not the db.

usage example:

  let $content := file:read-text('x.json')
  let $json := json:parse($content)
  return admin:write-log($json)
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