I was trying to create WCF client following instructions from here: Execute a one-way wcf service operation from powershell

Here's the piece of code that is breaking

$contractDescription = [System.ServiceModel.Description.ContractDescription]::GetContract([Iinterface])
$serviceEndpoint = New-Object System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint $contractDescription
$channelFactory = New-Object "System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1[Iinterface]" $serviceEndpoint

My interface is stored in a separate assembly that I have Add-Typed. What is puzzling me is that this

    $contractDescription = [System.ServiceModel.Description.ContractDescription]::GetContract([Iinterface])

is working just fine, but

    $channelFactory = New-Object "System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1[Iinterface]" $serviceEndpoint

is failing with:

New-Object : Cannot find type [System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory`1[Iinterface]]: make sure the assembly containing this type is loaded. At C:\Users\amarchuk\AppData\Local\Temp\1\bbc2b1ab-fe3a-4982-a561-2bfe926b7362.ps1:29 char:29 + $channelFactory = New-Object <<<< "System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1[Iinterface]" $serviceEndpoint + CategoryInfo : InvalidType: (:) [New-Object], PSArgumentException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : TypeNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewObjectCommand

Did I mess up syntax around generics? Thanks.

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Try this:

$channelFactory = New-Object 'System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1'([Iinterface])



$channelFactory = New-Object -typename 'System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1'([Iinterface])

but i can test it.

  • This gives: A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument 'System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint'. Nov 22, 2011 at 13:19

The workaround is to use

$channelFactory = New-Object 'System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory``1[System.Object]

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