Java 7 introduced java.nio.file.Path as a possible replacement for java.io.File.

With File, when I access a file under a specific, I would do:

File parent = new File("c:\\tmp");
File child = new File(parent, "child"); // this accesses c:\tmp\child

What's the way to do this with Path?

I supposed this will work:

Path parent = Paths.get("c:\\tmp");
Path child = Paths.get(parent.toString(), "child");

But calling parent.toString() seems ugly. Is there a better way?


Use the resolve method on Path.

There are two methods with this name. One takes a relative Path and the other a String. It uses the Path on which it is called as a parent and appends the String or relative Path appropriately.

Path parent = Paths.get("c:\\tmp");
Path child = parent.resolve("child");

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