I have found a few articles like this one: http://devtoolshed.com/using-stored-procedures-entity-framework-scalar-return-values

Yet when I take the step to create a function import for a int32 scalar, this is what gets generated:

 public ObjectResult<Nullable<global::System.Int32>> MyStoredProcedure(Nullable<global::System.Int32> orderId)
        ObjectParameter orderIdParameter;
        if (orderId.HasValue)
            orderIdParameter = new ObjectParameter("OrderId", orderId);
            orderIdParameter = new ObjectParameter("OrderId", typeof(global::System.Int32));

        return base.ExecuteFunction<Nullable<global::System.Int32>>("MyStoredProcedure", orderIdParameter);

I am able to call the procedure with this, but am not able to get to the underlying scalar:

ObjectResult<int?> result = myEntities.MyProcedure(orderId);

In the code examples I have seen, I should get context.MyProcedure().SingleOrDefault().

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Try this:

int? result = myEntities.MyProcedure(orderId).FirstOrDefault();

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