How do I check if the URL accessing the page is the original URL or if it's a CNAME record.

For example, I have a site domain.com. Users can setup a CNAME where they link www.otherdomain.com to our site domain.com.

From our server point of view, how can I detect if the URL accessing the page is the actual one (domain.com) or the CNAME one (www.otherdomain.com)?

  • Does this sort of think require a dedicated IP? – JBithell Nov 9 '14 at 8:11

I think you have to query a DNS to know it, since this information does not usually come in request headers.

Take a look at the dns_get_record and checkdnsrr functions in PHP documentation.

  • dns_get_record is the correct answer. I got it to work. Thanks. – Pinkie Nov 22 '11 at 20:35

You can use PHPDNS class library to find out what kind of DNS record is a given url.

$answer->results[x]->typeid //Textual record type ID (A, MX, CNAME etc)

If you're checking on URLs, you can use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] in PHP. That's the requested host from the URL (eg. http://otherdomain.com/blah.php would make the server var be otherdomain.com). $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is the configured servername in the httpd.conf.

If HTTP_HOST != SERVER_NAME, the remote user is almost certainly using an alias of some sort to access the site.

  • Both HTTP_HOST and HTTP_NAME are giving me otherdomain.com – Pinkie Nov 22 '11 at 19:47

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