I am using getBean(beanName,new Object{"anupama"}) to override the constructor value static factory method used in my spring bean . But it still picking the default value mentioned in spring-application.xml and not picking it up from getBean() .


      xsi:schemaLocation="springframework.org/schema/beans springframework.org/schema/beans/spring-beans-2.5.xsd"
   <bean id="oneServiceImplementation"
      <constructor-arg value="anu"/>

In my class:

Object returnObj = reference.getFactory().getBean("oneServiceImplementation",
                   new Object{"anupama"} );

Above call should pass parameter anupama to getInstance(String) method but I get the default "anu" in getInstance(String) method.

I think this does not even compile :

new Object{"anupama"}

If oneServiceImplementation.getInstance expects a String, than you should provide one :

Object returnObj = reference.getFactory().getBean("oneServiceImplementation","anupama" );

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