Is there any alternative way to copy the data from Excel sheet and paste it into a table using Oracle SQL Developer!?

For now I am using (PL/SQL Developer) by writing (for update) at the end of the select statement, Ex:

Select * from ABD
for update

Then paste the columns from Excel to the table...

Regards Adel


It's not exactly copy and paste but you can import data from Excel using Oracle SQL Developer.

Navigate to the table you want to import the data into and click on the Data tab.

After clicking on the data tab you should notice a drop down that says Actions... indicating the position of the Data tab and Actions... drop down

Click Actions... and select the bottom option Import Data...

Then just follow the wizard to select the correct sheet, and columns that you want to import.

EDIT : To view the data tab :

  1. Select the SCHEMA where your table is created.(Choose from the Connections tab on the left pane).
  2. Right click on the SCHEMA and choose SCHEMA BROWSER.
  3. Select your table from the list (by giving your schema).
  4. Now you will see the DATA tab.
  5. Click on Actions and Import Data...
  • Thank you very much Phydaux – adelShehri May 20 '12 at 4:05
  • still have to pre define the columns... very annoy – Junchen Liu Aug 25 '15 at 12:48

None of these options show up for me. The way to paste data from Excel is as follows:

  • Add an extra column to the left of your spreadsheet data (if you don't have row numbers showing in PL/SQL Developer you may not have to have an extra empty column to the left).

  • Copy the rows of data from your spreadsheet including the empty column.

  • In PL/SQL Developer, open your table in edit mode. You can right-click the table name in the object browser and select Edit Data or write your own select statement that includes the rowid and click the lock icon. Be sure your columns are ordered the same as in your spreadsheet.

  • Here's the part that took me forever to figure out: click on the left side of the first empty row to highlight it. It will not work if you don't have the first empty row highlighted.

  • Paste as usual using Ctrl+V or right-click Paste.

I couldn't find this info anywhere when I needed it, so I wanted to be sure to post it.

  • Please see the above edited answer for viewing DATA tab – mahi_0707 Nov 3 '17 at 10:24

You may directly right-click on the table name - that also shows the "Import Data.." option.Then you can follow few simple steps & succeed.

Do anyone know how to import a new table with data from excel?

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Click on "Tables" in "Connections" window, choose "Import data ...", follow the wizard and you will be asked for name for new table.


For PLSQL version

  1. From the context menu of the Table, choose "Edit Data"
  2. Insert or edit the data
  3. Post change

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