I'm working on a reporting web application using JasperReport and Spring MVC 3 to show generated reports (html) into web pages.

I'm new to both frameworks and I'm having troubles rendering images in html reports.

Tomcat log:

No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/<app-name>/<image-name>] in DispatcherServlet with name '<app-name>'

I guess that images in the report are not shown probably due to the DispatcherServlet mapping url: <url-pattern>/</url-pattern>.

Using the <mvc:resources /> tag could be the solution?


I've added some export parameters to the model:

            request.getContextPath() + "/WEB-INF/reports/images");

but the problem persists.

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I've solved my problem following the workaround suggested by ivanbron in this post:


I don't now if it's the best way... but it works!

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