I have a batch file called test.bat. I am calling the below instructions in the test.bat file:

start /min powershell.exe %sysdrive%\testScripts\testscript1.ps1

When I run this through the command prompt, my testscript is running successfully. I want to run it as administrator (as if I have created a desktop shortcut and run as administrator. It shouldn't prompt for any username or password).

I have tried adding /elevate and /NOUAC parameters in the above test.bat, but no luck. How do I fix this issue?

I know how to do it manually, but I want this to be executed from the command prompt.

(By Marnix Klooster): ...without using any additional tools, like those suggested in an answer to Super User question How to run program from command line with elevated rights.)

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Try this:

runas.exe /savecred /user:administrator "%sysdrive%\testScripts\testscript1.ps1" 

It saves the password the first time and never asks again. Maybe when you change the administrator password you will be prompted again.

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    @BenVoigt please suggest an alternative then – Daniel Sokolowski Feb 17 '16 at 6:56
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    Try powershell -Command "Start-Process 'C:\program.exe' -Verb runAs" (replace C:\program.exe by your command), see superuser.com/questions/55809/… – Julien Kronegg Apr 11 '16 at 5:48
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    Why does it require me to enter a password when I can right click any other program and run as admin without entering a password? Thanks – RayLoveless May 11 '16 at 15:51
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    @BenVoigt Don't blow a gasket. Like any power command, it is both useful and necessary in specific contexts. – b1nary.atr0phy Jul 19 '16 at 10:58
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    any method using which I can just chip in the admin password in the initian command itself. It asks for admin password when i run the initial command. Can that input be provided in the first place ? runas.exe /user:yash a.exe MyAwesomePassword – Yash Kumar Verma Sep 16 '17 at 15:03

See this TechNet article: Runas command documentation

From a command prompt:

C:\> runas /user:<localmachinename>\administrator cmd

Or, if you're connected to a domain:

C:\> runas /user:<DomainName>\<AdministratorAccountName> cmd
  • I re-read your question and you don't want to be prompted. My suggestion will cause a password prompt. Sorry! – John Ruiz Nov 23 '11 at 22:17
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    i tried this command, it is asking for credential, it should not ask for credentials. as i mentioned in my query. if i right click the desktop item run it as an administrator is the expected behaviour. – Praveen Jakkaraju Nov 23 '11 at 22:42

It looks like psexec -h is the way to do this:

 -h         If the target system is Windows Vista or higher, has the process
            run with the account's elevated token, if available.

Which... doesn't seem to be listed in the online documentation in Sysinternals - PsExec.

But it works on my machine.

  • Doesn't work here. Instead I just get the help output. – ygoe Jun 26 '13 at 12:31
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    This doesn't seem to work for me unless I run it from a process which is already has admin privileges: "Couldn't install PSEXESVC service" – Vince Feb 14 '14 at 2:54
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    I don't even have this command in Windows 10. -- Not from the command prompt, or from Power Shell. – BrainSlugs83 Oct 29 '15 at 23:10
  • @BrainSlugs83, you have to download it, the link is in the answer. – Abel Sep 26 '17 at 0:32

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