I need to be able to define a drop down list in my cshtml. I have some that are populated with the arrays coming from my model view, so I define them as such

   @Html.DropDownList("dropdownlist-Id", Model.ValuesForDDL, new { @class = "ddl" })

How do I set the selected value as well? (Please note that I need to be able to set the class too).


you can set the selected value with giving a selectlist object to dropdownlist

new SelectList(items, "value", "text", selectedvalue);


 @Html.DropDownList("dropdownlist-Id", new SelectList(Model.ValuesForDDL, "id", "name", 5);
Model.ValuesForDDL, new { @class = "ddl" })

Now the selected item in combo is the item that has id 5

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