I am writing a program that uses Bluetooth to connect between 2 or more devices. I used the BluetoothChat as an example.

Problem is that when it reaches the "read" command in the "connected" thread it seems to freeze the whole program.

I think that that is what is happening because the command after the myThread.run() is not reached but the command inside the thread is.

Am I doing something wrong?

Should I be switching to AsyncTask in place of Thread?

I tried reading some of the other posts about the subject but found them hard to follow. Specifically, if I should be using the AsyncTask then why does the example program use Threads?

This is the code in the connected thread:

    public void run() {
        byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        int bytes;

        // Keep listening to the InputStream while connected
        while (true) {
            try {
                // Read from the InputStream
                Log.d(TAG,"Server - BTConnectedThreadServer - run() - before read");
                bytes = mmInStream.read(buffer);
                Log.d(TAG,"Server - BTConnectedThreadServer - run() - after read");

                // Send the obtained bytes to the UI Activity
                mHandler.obtainMessage(BluetoothConstants.MESSAGE_READ, bytes, -1, buffer)
                Log.d(TAG,"Server - BTConnectedThreadServer - run() - after send");
            } catch (IOException e) {
                Log.d(TAG,"Server - BTConnectedThreadServer - run() - disconnected", e);

        Log.d(TAG,"Server - BTConnectedThreadServer - run() - Exited Loop");

The "before read" Log note comes up but nothing else does. It never returns to the main thread.


myThread.run() will still run on the same thread, you want myThread.start() and if that doesnt fix it, show some code


You should use myThread.start() not myThread.run() to start the thread.


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