I'm using a script that shows an animation following the mouse cursor. I initialize it by running this code:

function JSFX_StartEffects()
JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/ant_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/ant_tail.gif'>"

This is one of many functions that run onload, so I'm using jQuery's DOM ready handler:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function(){ JSFX_StartEffects() });

This is working fine, but I'd like to add the option for the user to chose a different pair of images for the animation. I have four different pairs of options, so I added a <select> to my document:

<div class="bebete">
<div>Choisis ta Bebete ! :))))</div>
<select id="select1">
<option selected>alien_ant</option> 
<img id="preview1" alt="image" src="http://tip-top-torrents.net/JSFX/alien_ant.jpg"
width="180" h   eight="180">
<h3 id="random1"></h3>
<script type="text/javascript">
var images = [];
var select1 = window.document.getElementById("select1");
var preview1 = window.document.getElementById("preview1");
var random1 = window.document.getElementById("random1");
var selectLength = select1.length;
images[0] = "http://tip-top-torrents.net/JSFX/alien_ant.jpg";
images[1] = "http://tip-top-torrents.net/JSFX/alien_arachnid.jpg";
images[2] = "http://tip-top-torrents.net/JSFX/cute_worm.jpg";
images[3] = "http://tip-top-torrents.net/JSFX/alien_caterpillar.jpg";

function edit_image1() {
var index = select1.selectedIndex;
if (index !== 0) {
preview1.src = images[index];
random1.style.visibility = "hidden";
} else {        
preview1.src = images[Math.floor(Math.random() * selectLength)];
random1.style.visibility = "visible";
return true;
select1.onchange = edit_image1;


I'm now trying to figure out how to apply the user's choice when initializing the animation.

function JSFX_StartEffects()

var Img.src = document.getElementById('preview1.src');

Here I need to use a condition. If the user has chosen alien_ant, then it must be initialized with this pair of images:

JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/ant_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/ant_tail.gif'>");

If not, I need to compare the user's choice to the other options and apply the appropriate image pair.

JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/worm_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/worm_tail.gif'>");
JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/spider_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/spider_tail.gif'>");
JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/alien_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/alien_tail.gif'>");

What is the best way to do this?

You can find the original script I'm using near the end of this page, under "MouseSquidie".

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If all of your images are named systematically you could do something like this:

Set the value of your options to the variable part of the file name:

<option value="ant" selected="selected">Ant</option> 
<option value="arachnid">Arachnid</option> 
<option value="worm">Worm</option> 
<option value="caterpillar">Caterpillar</option>

then replace all the js you got there and call the trailing mouse function with the value from that select element like this:

$(function() {
    $("#select1").change(function() {
        JSFX.MakeMouseSquidie (15,"<img src='JSFX/" + $(this).val() + "_head.gif'>" ,"<img src='JSFX/" + $(this).val() + "_tail.gif'>");
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