I create installer file by NSIS.I want get installation directory by commandline. I used syntax such as /D=E:\ or /D=E: but installation directory any changed.


/D switch is intended for Silent installs.

Use InstallDir from your script to change directory.

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    /D will override InstallDir & InstallDirRegKey and is not just intended for silent installs...
    – Anders
    Nov 25 '11 at 13:39

Use /D (It must be the last token on the commandline and it must be a unquoted absolute path):

MySetup.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Foo Bar\Baz

If you want to allow installs to the root of a volume you need to put AllowRootDirInstall true in your script.


I create uninstaller file but uninstaller can not clean files.

ExeWait '"$INSTDIR\Farayand\FarayandLibrary\dokanctl.exe" /r a' $0
RMDir /r $INSTDIR\Farayand\FarayandLibrary
RMDir $INSTDIR\Farayand
${if} ${RunningX64}
     Delete $SYSDIR\drivers\dokan.sys
      Delete $SYSDIR\drivers\dokan.sys

dokan.sys cleaned when uninstall run.but farayandLibrary folder and content in folder dont remove.

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