Complete noob here wanting to learn Python.

I installed Python, then Eclipse, then PyDev. Works great. I created a couple of simple programs in Eclipse and they run fine there.

Now at the command prompt, I run python.exe and an interactive prompt opens. How do I now run the foo.py module I developed earlier in Eclipse.


tu run this you have to run

python foo.py

or as matijun said. if you want to import it:

>>> import foo 


>>>from foo import *

Please note that your file path shuold be in PYTHONPATH. To do this

import sys
sys.path.add("ur file path")
import foo
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You have to run

python.exe foo.py

Or, if it's a module, you can just import it:

>>> import foo

(but then its __name__ won't be __main__, so if you have a special "If this is the main program" bit, it won't be executed)

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  • Great. If I wanted to import it and foo.py is in a completely different folder, how do I import it? I've tried >>> import c:\folder\folder\project\foo.py but it comes back with invalid syntax – AngryHacker Nov 26 '11 at 6:46
  • You have to import it through the module name (i.e.: import project.foo or from project import foo) and the proper folders need to be in the PYTHONPATH (in this case c:\folder\folder) -- note that the PYTHONPATH can be specified in the PYTHONPATH environment variable. – Fabio Zadrozny Nov 29 '11 at 10:55

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