I've been writing a full game engine on top of LibGDX for sometime now and had written almost every single game object in Javascript (I created a composite based game object system). For the JS interpretation, I used the Rhino engine which on my ubuntu system, works phenomenally well, however when I tried to run it on Android, I was not able to get it to compile at all and from what I HAD read, it's because Google didn't use a standard Java implementation that supported Rhino, but now I'm seeing the support with the SL4A project, however I was looking for a simple Rhino jar file that was compatible with Android but after looking through the downloads, all I found were APK files that did not appear to have the library and from what I have read, the APK is suppose to be a template project, but how can I use it with my existing code without a jar package? Maybe I'm totally missing the point?


It seems SL4A Rhino repository has all the necessary add-ons (among them rhino1_7R2-dex.jar) to get Rhino running on Android.

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  • nice..thanks guys. I may have to resurrect the project now :) – Jason Welch Dec 12 '11 at 9:07

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