I want to create an app with the standard list view and detail view that we get with UITableView. I am using PhoneGap to create the app. While I am aware that PhoneGap is more of an API to enable native app development using HTML5, etc

How do I create a simple list/detail view and integrate with PhoneGap?

Thank you.

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You must use some UI like Jquery Mobile, for your case exists this theme: http://taitems.github.com/iOS-Inspired-jQuery-Mobile-Theme/

There is a lot of UI frameworks over there like: JQ touch, Sencha Touch, Jo,... maybe you want to see those too.

Good Luck!

  • any such example with iOS 7 look & feel?
    – mindbomb
    Jan 28, 2014 at 11:49

PhoneGap has the option for you to integrate your native component into their library but for the purpose of displaying a simple list/detail view I don't think you need to build native component.

But if you really need it, here is the reference, hope it helps

How to build native Plugin for PhoneGap

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