Does the select element have the required attribute?


Yes you can use required attribute in HTML5. But remember, first value should be empty.

<select required>
<option value="">Please select</option>
<option value="first">First</option>

Here you get the more example:


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    Do not forget value="", otherwise it will not work (chrome 25)
    – Vivien
    May 23 '13 at 10:01
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    @arif Perfect answer. I was looking for this.
    – V15HM4Y
    May 30 '13 at 6:16
  • Awesome. Thanks for this!
    – itsPav
    Jan 27 '19 at 18:34
  • But it wont become red like other empty required fields
    – Aseem
    May 24 '19 at 7:08
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    thanks.. it work for me.. i forgot to enter value="".
    – Vinay
    Mar 26 '20 at 10:08

Yes it has a required attribute, you can use it as follows

<select required>
<option value="" disabled selected>Choose</option>
<option value="first Option">First Option</option>
<option value="Second Option">Second Option</option>

Reference :

HTML Select required Attribute (W3C)


You can do this way to make it look better

    <select required>
    <option hidden="" disabled="disabled" selected="selected" value="">Select subject</option>
    <option value="first Option">First Option</option>
    <option value="Second Option">Second Option</option>
  • Thank you for the hidden attribute! Mar 22 '20 at 20:40

Yes it does, but currently it is not supported by any version of all major browsers. This includes Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

  • That is not true, see this, for example. This is a very old question which has an accepted answer.
    – MasterAM
    Aug 31 '13 at 8:26

It is possible but (just Arif said above) it is important (obviously) that you use the first option without value like:

<form action="#" method="post">
    <label for="State">State</label> 
    <select required id="State" name="State">
      <option value="">Choose</option>
      <option value="new">New</option>
      <option value="old">Old</option>

You can see more info at: http://www.maxdesign.com.au/2012/11/03/select-required/

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    Welcome to StackOverflow. This looks like it just repeats the information given by the accepted answer. Is there anything you can add to provide more information that would make your answer more distinct? Oct 31 '14 at 16:13

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