Does anyone know if it's even possible (and how, if yes) to query a database server setting in PostgreSQL (9.1)?

I need to check the max_connections (maximum number of open db connections) setting.


Can be as simple as:

SHOW max_connections;

This returns the currently effective setting. Be aware that it can differ from the setting in postgresql.conf as there are a couple of ways to set run-time parameters in PostgreSQL. To reset the "original" setting from postgresql.conf in your current session:

RESET max_connections;

However, not applicable to this particular setting. Per documentation:

This parameter can only be set at server start.

To see all settings:


More on the SHOW command in the manual.
If you need more details or want to integrate the look-up into a standard SELECT query, there is also:

SELECT * FROM pg_settings;

Returns the same result as SHOW ALL, but with additional information per setting. For your original request:

FROM   pg_settings
WHERE  name = 'max_connections';

There is also the functional equivalent current_setting(), which can be nested in DML statements.

SELECT current_setting('max_connections');


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