I want to fork namecoin/namecoin, but I've already forked bitcoin/bitcoin. The latter is the upstream parent of the former. The forkchain is:

bitcoin/bitcoin -> vinced/namecoin -> namecoin/namecoin

When I fork namecoin/namecoin, Github just redirects me to my myuserid/bitcoin fork, instead of creating a new myuserid/namecoin fork. It appears to Github that they are the same project, but they are not.

Anyone know how to do this?


You can't do this "officially", but you can always add another remote for bitcoin and fetch from that.

git remote add bitcoin-orig git://the/bitcoin/repo/path

git fetch bitcoin-orig

# Merge into your 'master' (CAUTION: This might go badly)
git merge bitcoin-orig/master  

# Create a local branch based on the origin
git co -b bitcoin-orig-master bitcoin-orig/master  

# Take an individual commit from the original repo and put it into your 'master'
git log bitcoin-orig/master && git cherry-pick <SOME SHA>  

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