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Copying array by value in javascript

How to copy an array of objects to another array in Javascript?

var qwerty1 = arr;
var qwerty2 = arr;

Both qwerty1 and qwerty2 may look different but point to the same reference. I read somewhere that "assigning a boolean or string to a variable makes a copy of that value, while assigning an array or an object to a variable makes a reference to the value." So my two arrays post different operations return the same objects.

Any light in this regard?

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    my array arr contains {objects}..So not a copy of the above link @RC. – Premanshu Nov 28 '11 at 6:43

The idiomatic way to copy an array in Javascript is to use concat:

var qwerty1 = arr.concat();
var qwerty2 = arr.concat();

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