currently I deploy my war with jboss:hard-deploy to my JBoss 6 AS. This works fine, but I have to checkout project from SVN and package it.

The war is already uploaded to our internal snapshot repository by Jenkins and it would be nice if I can download it on a testing server from this repository and directly deploy it to JBoss using maven.

This question is related to Maven deploy artifact war from repository to remote server, but I don't think the answer is correct (see the comment there).

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Ideally you would want to set up Jenkins to deploy to your testing server as part of your CI build.

Alternatively, if you want to manually run a script on the server you are deploying to, you could set up a specific pom.xml to perform this task. First setup the dependency plugin to download your war:


Substituting the group ID, artifact ID and version for the respective properties of your WAR file. Next configure the JBoss plugin to deploy the downloaded WAR:


You should then be able to download the artifact from your internal repository and deploy it in the locally running JBoss container with the following command:

mvn package jboss:hard-deploy

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