I'm using this tag in a custom view, to generate a CRUD form for my object:

<div class="configForm">
  #{crud.form /}

This generate a CRUD form inside my own view. Is there a way to customize the generated form by removing a few fields that I don't want to be editable?

I spotted this line inside form.html:

#{list items:_fields ?: currentType.fields*.name, as:'fieldName'}

If I'm reading this right, then there is a _fields parameter that might let me opt-in to fields (I prefer opt-out, but I'll take opt-in). How do I use this _fields parameter?


You can filter fields like:

#{crud.form fields:['name', 'email', 'password']/}

which will show only the fields name, email and password

Regards Ronald

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I wrote a filtered version of CRUD's ObjectType. The controller can select which fields to filter, like this:

public static void show(long id) {
    MyModel object = MyModel.findById(id);
    CRUD.ObjectType type = new FilteredObjectType(MyModel.class, 
    render(type, object);
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  • @Stefano - well, technically when I posted this I wanted to filter out fields, and not have to explicitally write a list of the fields I do want. Still, it's close enough, and perhaps more useful than opting out. I'll accept his answer. – ripper234 Jan 2 '12 at 3:29

You can follow Play documentation. Then you can easily write your own ExtCRUD class which ignores all fields which are declared in a static variable of your Controller. How ever FilteredObjectType is for special cases the easier solution.

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