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Okay, Here are three Facebook URLs: [A Facebook Page] [Zuckerberg's Profile] [About Facebook Like Button]

If I have two pages:[username][pagename]

I have successfully rewritten the user.php as[username] but after that when I use the same code for page, and try to access a page like[pagename], a userpage (404 page, because no user with that name exists but a page does) appears. So, What should I do to remove this conflict.

NOTE: I don't want to use URLs like and Please Help.

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Could you post your htaccess code? Anyway you could write that logic into PHP not into htaccess. htaccess would only pass parameters to parsed by php – Janar Jürisson Nov 28 '11 at 13:46
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You need to rewrite all urls to a separate php file that detects whether the parameter is a username, or page name. The php should look something like this:

$name = $_GET['name']
if( userNameExists($name) )
else if ( pageNameExists($name) )

You need to implement userNameExists() and pageNameExists() off course.

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