I want to use a text box to display some text. I can not disable it, because then the scroll bar will not work.

How can I prevent editing within the multi-line textbox, yet make it appear as if it is enabled, so that the scroll bar works correctly?

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You can set the ReadOnly property to true.

Quoth the link:

When this property is set to true, the contents of the control cannot be changed by the user at runtime. With this property set to true, you can still set the value of the Text property in code. You can use this feature instead of disabling the control with the Enabled property to allow the contents to be copied and ToolTips to be shown.


The TextBox has a property called ReadOnly. If you set that property to true then the TextBox will still be able to scroll but the user wont be able to change the value.


As mentioned above, you can change the property of the textbox "Read Only" to "True" from the properties window.

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        textBox1.ReadOnly = true;

"true" property will make the text box readonly activate. and "false" will make it in regular form. Thanks.

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    it is cleary stated in the question that disabling is not an option because then the scrollbars would disappear
    – Breeze
    Commented Apr 19, 2016 at 8:26

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