I would like to create an associative array in R from a string like "key1=values1;key2=value2". I know this can be done by double splitting and building the array manually but i was wondering if there's already something i can work with.


Using an environment as the "associative array" provides a straightforward solution.

string <- "key1=99; key2=6"

# Create an environment which will be your array
env <- new.env()

# Assign values to keys in the environment, using eval(parse())
eval(parse(text=string), envir=env)

# Check that it works:
# [1] "key1" "key2"
# [1] 99

# $key1
# [1] 99

# $key2
# [1] 6

Here is one approach using eval(parse)

string <- c("key1 = 10, key2 = 20")
eval(parse(text = paste('list(', string, ")")))
[1] 10

[1] 20

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