I have an issue to run django-sentry on windows. I have read this issue github.com/dcramer/django-sentry/issues/245. I skipped 'python-daemon>=1.6' during manual installation of django-sentry. But when I run command "sentry start", I get "ImportError: No module named daemon.daemon".

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if you read that issue, the point is that sentry requires python-deamon, which happens to be *nix only. In other words, sentry currently doesn't work on windows.

that's like saying "i know my car needs an engine to run, but since i could't find a suitable one, i just didn't put one in. and now i don't understand why my car doesn't work"

This just affects the 'Running a Sentry Server' setup and not the 'Integrated Setup'. I believe this has been made more explicit in the 2.0 alpha.

Newer versions of sentry (3.x, 5.x) are not depending on python-daemon, thus they can be run on windows...

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