with the WebClient class in .NET 4.0, is there a way to do a PUT?

I know you can do a GET with DownloadString() and a POST with UploadString(), but is there a method or property that lets you do a PUT?


  • Now that is an entirely different question, i do not think that it would make sense to answer that here!
    – H.B.
    Dec 1, 2011 at 19:43

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There are overloads for UploadString that let you specify the method. For example, this one takes a Uri, a string for the method, and a string for the data.

using (var webClient = new WebClient())
        WebRequestMethods.Http.Put, // or simply use "PUT"
  • can u give any example?
    – Shomaail
    Mar 19, 2018 at 12:54
  • client.UploadString(apiUrl, "PUT", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(payload))
    – Mike Cole
    Dec 17, 2019 at 17:27

You can use webclient.UploadString(urlwithparams,"Put","")

url with params should include the params in querystring format ... urlwithparams = www.foo.com?key=value&key2=value2

This worked for me...

  • Does the PUT should be in all capital? secondly the last parameter in the uploadstring is "" why?
    – Shomaail
    Mar 19, 2018 at 13:06

Huh? As stated on MS's website WebClient.UploadData does take the method (as a string) too right? Or am I missing something?


I don't think that WebClient can do it. However, you can use the HttpWebrequest class to perform a put request.


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