I am using JMeter v2.5.
I need to get data from the responses of the test and extract data from it (which I am doing using regular exp extractor). How do I store this extracted data to a file?


Just solved a similar problem. After getting the data using a regular expression extractor, add a BeanShell PostProcessor element. Use the code below to write the variables to a file:

name = vars.get("name");
email = vars.get("email");

log.info(email);  // if you want to log something to jmeter.log file

// Pass true if you want to append to existing file
// If you want to overwrite, then don't pass the second argument
f = new FileOutputStream("/my/file/path/result.csv", true);
p = new PrintStream(f); 
print(name + "," + email);
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import org.apache.jmeter.services.FileServer;

String path=FileServer.getFileServer().getBaseDir();

name1= vars.get("user_Name_value");
name2= vars.get("UserId_value");

f = new FileOutputStream("E://csvfile/result.csv", true); //spec-ify true if you want to overwrite file. Keep blank otherwise.
p = new PrintStream(f); 
p.println(name1+"," +name2);

this is worked for me i hope it will work for you also


You have a couple options

  1. You can tally the results by adding an aggregate report listener to your thread group => add listener => aggregate report
  2. You can get raw results by adding a simple data writer listener to your thread group => add listener => simple data writer

Hope this helps

  • Actually I need to extact the title and content of the blog in two separate variables and then write them into a certain file in suitable format. Dec 2 '11 at 12:10

You may use https://jmeter-plugins.org/wiki/FlexibleFileWriter/ with sample variables set up. Or with fake Dummy Sampler. Anyway Flexible File Writer is good for writing data into file.


If you just want to write extracted variables to CSV results file, then just add to user.properties the variables you want:


As per doc:

They will be appended as last column of CSV results file.

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