My project has two projects:


I created an "AndroidTestCase" in the "mainTest" and I tried to use getContext().getResources() to access the resources I created in the "mainTest" project. But I found the code is actually trying to get the resources in the "main" project. I think it is because when I use getContext() it returns an context representing the "main" project. But the AndroidTestCase class does not provide any methods to get its own resources.

P.S. I found I can directly use class.getResourceAsStream() to access the raw file, which is what I want. But still I hope there are more convenient way.


You can, from the application Context , request the resources from your test application.

protected Resources getResources(String packageName) throws NameNotFoundException {
    PackageManager pm = getContext().getPackageManager();
    return pm.getResourcesForApplication(packageName);
  • what if i want the package manager itself to point to the test app? i.e., i want to access the manifest of the test app? – Jeffrey Blattman Oct 15 '14 at 16:27

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