I've just installed NodeJS on my Mac, and i got it working in the terminal, using inline scripting like "console.log('Hello world'); works fine.

But where do i place JS files for NodeJS to find them? Can i specify the root folder NodeJS to look for file in?

I followed this guide: http://nodeguide.com/beginner.html#learning-javascript but i cannot get any of the samlpe to work where i reference a script file.


You put them in whatever folder you want. It is common practice to put each application in a different folder.

Then you run node.js like this:

node /path/to/file.js

Or like this:

cd /path/to/
node file.js

Where file.js might look something like this:

console.log('hello world');

You'll have to navigate to the correct folder "manually", in the Node Command Line Interface (CLI).

If you need to change drives, type the drive letter and a colon to switch to that drive, like so;

C:> (<- this is the line prompt, yeah? Just add this after it -> D:

That changes the drive. Now write cd (CD = "Change Directory") and the name of the direcotry you want to go to the directory your stuff is in:

D:> (<- the new prompt. Write something like this after it: ->) cd myprosject\subfoldername D:\myproject\subfoldername> (<- your new line prompt - if "myproject\subfoldername" exists)

now ask node to execute your script (that is stored in myproject\subfoldername, like so;

D:\myproject\subfoldername> node helloworld.js

Remember to write "node" first - otherwise the command won't go to node, but to the OS, which will probably just open up the js file in a text editior instead of running the goodies inside.


It is very easy.. Go to your command line. navigate to the file location.. then simply run the node helloworld.


I'm not sure I understand. it doesnt 'look' anywhere for your .js files you point at them when you run node. Like so, on the command line:

node mynodeapp.js

If you're meaning where does it look for your .js files as modules, when requirign them, like so:

var mymodule = require("mymodule");

Then it will look inside a folder names node_modules. But I'm sure you're looking for my first example above.

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